The “British Columbia Gold Bank”

Now Open to American Investors


Gold banks outperformed every major asset class for the past 2 decades – rising over 926% since the mid 1990s and I just bought shares of Canada's best gold bank in a matter of days.


Here's why...



Dear Reader,


One unique type of gold investment (that most Americans have never heard of) based in British Columbia has outperformed every asset class in existence – rising twice as fast as gold.


The average investor in this gold secret made over 80% a year for 20 straight years – even after gold crashed last year.


But some investors had the chance to make 3,000%+ gains…


I call this investment the “British Columbia Gold Bank” because it’s a super-safe way to invest in gold.


That’s because while this secret is related to gold – it has none of the drawbacks of a typical gold investment.


It has nothing to do with gold mutual funds, trading, futures or bullion.


It’s like no other gold investment you’ve ever heard of.


CNBC recently called this investment “a banker for gold miners.”


As I’ll explain, gold banks have all of the upside of gold – with none of the downside – and the potential for much faster gains.


Let me explain how it works…


The Wall Street of Commodities


This story begins in Vancouver, Canada – the city The Economist calls “the most expensive city to live in North America.”


Nestled in a bay on the coast of the Pacific, in the foothills of the famed, world-class ski area at Whistler Mountain, this city of less than a million people has become a hub for wealthy investors…


The world’s richest investors have flocked to Vancouver, British Columbia – from China, Japan, India, Russia, Brazil and all over Europe – for one simple reason: Vancouver is home to the world’s biggest and most lucrative resource stock exchange.


It’s the Wall Street of commodity investments.


Most people have no idea – but far more money gets funneled through Vancouver for commodity development than any other market anywhere in the world.


In fact, 80% of all resource investment in the world comes from Canada.


And many of the companies listed in Vancouver are risky – some of the riskiest in the world. Thousands of small exploration companies vie for limited access to capital – many of them go bust.


These small companies are the lottery tickets of the investment world.


And they all need funding.


That’s where the British Columbia Gold banks come in.


They provide funding to the BEST possible precious metal startups – the explorers and developers with a track record of success, the best property, the best reserves, etc.


In exchange, these “Gold Banks” receive a portion of the future production and proceeds of any gold mined during the entire lifespan of the company.


And the best resource analysts in the world all work in Vancouver – for one little-known gold bank…


A Gold Investment You'll Never Want to Sell


Regular gold is a fine place to park some cash - to protect it from the likelihood of currency devaluation, but "British Columbia Gold Banks" are a little different.

You buy it once... and almost immediately, you can start reaping the rewards...

For instance:

In 2011, as regular gold prices fell 10% between August and November -- 63-year-old Arkansas retiree Kenny Taylor saw 69% gains on paper with his "BC Gold Bank" holdings.

But Kenny didn't sell - even to realize a near double in capital gains.

That's because Kenny also received over $2,392 in 2008 from "BC Gold."

And he's not the only one...

Frank Mathews got a check from "BC Gold" worth at least $2,000 early in 2011 - and again in January, he received another check - this time for over $2,500.

I have to emphasize:

These checks really aren't the best part of the story - not even close.

To be honest, I'm quite sure that while the checks you might receive from "BC Gold" could be this large (or larger) - it's more likely that you'll get MUCH wealthier, far faster in another way.

That's what I've been researching over the past several months. And what I found made me reconsider my entire gold investment strategy...

Get Paid - Just for Owning It


Let me show you how "BC Gold" is way better than your typical gold investment.

If you own stock in gold miners, then you're basically crossing your fingers and hoping they can find and produce gold at a profit. 

Once they find the gold, your company then has to dig it out - often sorting through 100 tons of mud, rock and debris to process as little as 3 ounces of gold.


  • They have to grade it. Not all gold is pure gold. Sometimes it's alloyed with silver - sometimes it's mixed in with copper.

  • They have to transport it. Frequently through thick jungle in hostile territory.

  • Then they have to ship it to refiners - who take their own piece of the pie, along with the government of the country they're shipping out of AND the country they're shipping into.

In short, gold mines are TERRIBLE businesses that rarely pan out – and even when they do, they’re so capital intensive that they almost never make munch money.


Of course, you can make great money if a gold miner hits it big – but that’s a big if...

However, when you own "BC gold," you don't worry about hostile governments or tricky mining terrain.

And more importantly, you don't pass any of the profits on to anyone else.

Let me show you what I'm talking about.

$11,000 a Year


What I call “BC Gold Banks” are very rare.


There’s only a handful of Gold Banks in the world, and only two in British Columbia.


And they go by another name. You might know of them as “royalty streaming” or “gold royalty” companies.


But you might not know how fantastically profitable they are…


If you put just $1,000 into the gold royalty company Royal Gold (Nasdaq: RGLD) in 1992, you'd be sitting on over $1.4 million in profits. You'd also be collecting dividend payments of over $11,000 a year.


If you put $1,000 into Silver Wheaton (NYSE: SLW) in 2008, you'd be sitting on about $6,700 in gains, and you'd collect a 4.3% dividend this year. 

And while many investors will buy Royal Gold and Silver Wheaton today with the hopes (and dreams) of seeing similar share appreciation and dividend growth, those days are largely gone. You can't buy past performance. 

Royal Gold just isn't going to grow another 2000-fold anytime soon. That would make it a $3 trillion market cap company. It would be bigger than the top 5 biggest companies in the Dow put together. It's just not going to happen. 

Silver Wheaton isn't likely to grow another 20 fold in the next three years either. That would make it a $140 billion company – bigger than BP (NYSE: BP). 

So if you want to achieve a similar result in your portfolio, you have to find the next Royal Gold and the next Silver Wheaton.


Such a company already exists - and if you buy it today, you give yourself a great chance at repeating the performance of its forebears.

This company is only about 4 years old and it is already off to a better start than Royal Gold in its first 4 years.


That’s because this other “gold bank” already has 10 gold streams producing with more coming online early in 2014 yet it has a total market cap under $600 million. 


And amazingly – they’ve put together deals with their 10 gold streaming clients to ensure they get access to any gold they mine for an average of $400 an ounce…


How to Buy Gold for $400 an Ounce


I know it might seem crazy to buy a gold stock at this point.


Gold is down almost 40% since 2011.


Gold stocks are even worse – selling for the lowest price since the financial crisis of 2008-2009.



But when you can buy gold for $400 an ounce – why would you care if it goes down to $1,200 or even $800?


It’s a question of “how profitable will you be?” 


And over the past 2 decades, precious metal banks like Royal Gold and Silver Wheaton have outperformed EVERYTHING thanks to their ability to buy gold (and silver) at super-low prices.


I firmly believe that my favorite BC gold bank will walk in the same footsteps as Royal Gold and Silver Wheaton.


That might sound like hollow talk, but the truth is, I just bought shares of this bank.


That’s right – I put my own money into this investment – because I believe we’re not likely to see a better time to buy it any time soon.


And I'd like to show you how to get into this investment too…


I've put my money where my mouth is… and invested my own money in this company.


My readers always have the opportunity to invest before I do… and when necessary, sell before I do too.


I'm last in and last out…


Allowing my readers the opportunity to profit first.


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Including the name and ticker symbol…


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Let me explain…


A few years ago… just before I was about to become a father for the first time…


I set aside $100,000 of my own money into a special brokerage account.


The money was earmarked for my son Macallister's education.


My plan was to turn my initial investment of $100,000 into 1 million in ten years...


Why ten years?


Why 1 million?


Well, even though my son won't be ready for college for at least 15 years from now…


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Besides, I knew my wife and I wanted to have more children.


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We've scored some fantastic gains recently:

200% on Netflix
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25% on Wells Fargo

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This is one of the reasons I'm so comfortable recommending this gold bank


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* Investing in stocks carries certain risks for loss just as much as it presents opportunities for rewards. While each of the stocks in this new investment report has been thoroughly researched by professional analysts, investors are advised to perform their own research and due diligence before investing. Future returns claims made in this promotion are based on calculations and evaluations made to the best of the ability of $100k Portfolio research analysts, however they CANNOT be guaranteed and should not be considered as such.